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    DUI Attorney Palm Beach

    FL #3 in Nation with Suspended Licenses for Nonviolent Drug Offenses

      Behind only Michigan and Virginia, Florida is a leader in suspending licenses for nonviolent drug convictions. According to a study by the Prison Policy Initiative, approximately 24,430 licenses are suspended due to non-traffic related drug offenses. This is a whopping ...
    Author: Brian Gabriel, Esq.
    Posted: March 20, 2017

    Fighting False Sexual Assault/ Rape Accusations

    Being falsely accused of assault, rape or sexual assault is a delicate situation. False allegations of rape and assault carry a lasting impact on your reputation, even if you deny them. Rape and assault are among the most serious offenses, and simply being accused can cha...
    Author: Brian Gabriel, Esq.
    Posted: March 06, 2017

    How Self-Defense can Impact Assault Charges

    It is a standard principle around the world that one may protect himself from harm when one is being threatened, even if one’s actions would typically be against the law. In Florida’s legal system, self-defense may be claimed as a defense to assault charges or when accuse...
    Author: Brian Gabriel, Esq.
    Posted: March 06, 2017